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My Mom Does New Zealand

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

My mom came to visit us in New Zealand and it was great. This happened back in July, which is winter, for those of you who are from the Northern hemisphere. Not exactly the ideal time to visit, but when it's hotter than two rats in a wool sock in Oklahoma, it works. Mom went from the humid, sultry temps of 114 F (46 C) to buying a personal heater to warm up the guest bedroom at night.

So, with the winter weather, we did our best to plan some epic New Zealand sights for mom on the weekends and some week days - yes, my mom used Uber for the very first time and became quite the expert in ferry time tables.

She got to see a lot of the country, despite our adventures being scheduled around work. We whale watched in Auckland, explored hobbit holes in middle earth and jet boated down rivers in Queesntown. We tried to get her to bungy jump with us, but that was a hard no, even when she'd had a few glasses of wine. Everything else was pretty negotiable, even the jet boat she almost flew out.

Her trip also reminded me a little of my college days - she helped me feel settled. She forced me into finally pulling the trigger on a couch, drank wine with my roommate (which in turn made her buy a couch too), cooked us dinner, re-arranged my entire kitchen, did laundry for days, got me hooked on Poldark, cuddled my dogs, bought us dinners (solely with the excuse that the American dollar is better than the NZD - sorry dad), watched both Deadpools and made Sean and I get out and explore more than we'd normally do on an average weekend.

The only downfall to moving to another country is not having our families with us. It's just one of those things that doesn't really get easier. Getting used to not having queso or my vocabulary evolving (I feel like I am sounding more Canadian by the day) isn't that bad, but not having your mom around to hug or argue with really doesn't get any easier.

However, it is so amazing to be able to show my mom why we moved here and all the amazing things this country has to offer. We made some many fun memories and took more pictures together in two weeks than the last two years. I can't wait for our other family members to come visit so we can show you all the cool shit to do here too. Until then, we will see most of you in 7 Fridays - yep, you read that right. Add it to your calendars. We are coming for you December.

NOTE: Special thanks for spending the time and money to come visit, mom. I love you.

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