Be brave. Be wild.

And stay hungry for love, knowledge and adventure. 



Welcome to our blog, This Jackson Life; a space filled with love (yes, I know - mushy), travel, adventure, fitness, art and a little nerd. 

I'm Rachel - half of the Jackson duo. Yep, that's us. 














After traveling around to many different amazing places, we decided to take the leap and immerse ourselves into an entirely new country and culture. We did it a little different than most, we did sell all our stuff, but we made sure to have stable jobs before taking the plunge. Those jobs landed us in New Zealand. Our move took us into the future (we are a day ahead) and across the world from Oklahoma to Auckland. 

We are both very passionate about adventure, art, health and travelling - so that's what you can expect here. I'll share tips and tricks on travel as often as I can as well as writing about past travel and planning ideas.